Monday, October 09, 2006

The Christina Sea

So, our dream has started earlier than we had planned. We were not going to sell the house and ALL our possessions to start cruising until Alina went to college. BUT, (and we really can't pinpoint the deciding moment) we are now in the process of living our dream. The Christina Sea is our Great Harbor N47 Trawler. Her Hull was laid in September 2006, and our estimated completion date is March 2007.

We signed a contract to build a "live aboard" boat with Mirage Manufacturing in October of 2005 with an estimated construction start date of February 2006. So, we quickly got the house on the market and received a very nice offer in December 2005. We were very fortunate that the buyers not only wanted the house, but everything in it and around it. They wanted furniture, most artwork, patio, plants, even some of George's storage in the garage. Even though we have been in a rented townhouse now for several months, we strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. Shortly after we sold our house, the market REALLY slowed down, and I doubt we would have ever have gotten the deal we got.

We had a couple of garage sales, stored stuff in Mom's basement, gave stuff to George's kids, and a lot went to neighbors and good will. We now only have to sell the Albin 30' Family Cruiser, our current boat. Want to buy a boat? Check out

We will spend the first few years at the dock, hopefully cruising in the summertime when Alina is out of school, until she goes off to college. We will also have to have the boat paid for, or at least most of it so George can retire. The PLAN is to start cruising at that point with Christy still working from the boat and we will start the Great Loop. This way we are still close to the states and our families. After we both retire, I can't guarantee where we will end up!

We have a strong desire for adventure and to simplify our lives. Ever since we made our month long trip to the Bahamas a couple of years ago in our Catalina sail boat, we knew this was the life for us!


Anonymous said...

i am very excited to be appart of our new home:)
i am very happy that you, mom are happy to have this website now.
i ♥ you very much

Anonymous said...

Hey uncle Uncle George and Aunt Christy the ship is looking great. by the way I have some news for you all. I have recieved orders to Marine Aviation Training Group 21 at NAS Pensacola Florida as an Instructor for the school there. So I will probably have a chance to come and finally meet Aunt Christy for the 1st time after so many years. I am due to check in at Pensacola in the beginning of March and it is a 4 year tour. my email address is or if you would like to write. well I have wrote enough here I think. I wish the both of you a merry belated christmas and new year. I will keep you posted on any changes to when I might be arriving back in Florida. love you all, your nephew, Jeremy

Anonymous said...

What a photo! The rendering of her at the beginning of your page - WOW - what great colors! And after just visiting the Gail Force with you, I am MOST excited - what a great life ahead! Can't wait to marry up in the Keys and take a cruise aboard your Cristina Sea. YIPPEE - LET'S GO!