Tuesday, December 26, 2006

In the finishing shed...

Christina Sea is now in the finishing area! But don't get too excited yet. The finishing which includes rigging all the electrical and plumbing, more gelcoat, putting up walls, building furniture, on and on and on, takes a long time.

It is exciting for us though, because now we get to pick out counter tops, colors for cushions, help design furniture and storage space, pick out colors for the exterior, lighting, and on and on and on!

According to Daryl, whom you will see in one of the photos, we are still set for a March launch. Daryl is new to Mirage and is very instrumental in the building and progress of all the boats. I gave him a big hug on our last visit because I was so excited! We are really happy that Daryl and all the staff at Mirage are working so hard.

Here are some pics we took today. Alina is standing in her room again.

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