Thursday, June 16, 2016

Getting ready to cross to the Bahamas

Several long days out in the gulf (traveling 8 - 10 hours a day) made for a hot, storm dodging, beautiful week!  Today, we are going to cross over.  We're currently anchored at Tavanier Key off Key Largo.  We have about 80 miles to get over to Bimini, Bahamas and that should take us about 10 hours.  Hopefully it will go quicker because once we hit the Gulf Stream (which travels north) we will pick up a knot or two in speed.  The anxiety lays in the weather.  It can change quickly, especially in the stream.  The winds are out of the south, southwest forecasted at 10 - 15 knots with 1 - 3 foot seas.  What that means is that we should have a following sea which will make for a comfortable ride north.  But you never know until you get out there.  For example, our first couple of days on our trip, the seas were supposed to calm.  But in actuality we spent a lot of time dodging storms and rockin' and rollin' because there were three foot seas and they were off our beam - not a comfortable ride!

If it's going to happen it's going to happen out there!

Leaving Riviera Dunes Marina - great year and a half - met wonderful people!

Dodged lots of storms the first two days 

Day 1 - 10 hours to Cayo Costa, Day 2 - 9 hours to Marco Island

We are loving our new dink and Ally had a great time too!

We have seen so many sea turtles, but they are very shy and dive down before I can get a picture!

Day 3 took us to the Mangroves in Shark River, Everglades.  We'll definitely come back to this beautiful spot, but in the winter when there aren't as many bugs!

Day 4 - another 9 hours down to Key Largo.  We had some beautiful sunsets with our dear friends the Yocums who were vacationing in the Keys.

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