Wednesday, June 08, 2016

We are sooooo excited to leave tomorrow!

Maryann and Gary reminded us of a couple of sayings:  If it's going to happen boss, it's going to happen out there - from the movie, Captain Ron.  And the other one from Lats and Atts - You'll never be ready, just go!

New sit on top kayak to catch more fish!

Christy's Dad came down to say goodbye!

Provisioning - everybody says coke is REALLY expensive in the Bahamas.  Some not so good beer for trading and some good beer for drinking!

Need to get used to powdered milk...and going to make our own bread.

If we don't catch fish, we will have PB&J!

Lots of wine

Ask any of our friends - our frig is always empty.

New freezer on the flybridge...

...chocked full!

We've been provisioning for what seems like a long time.  George has done so much work to Christina Sea, all that little stuff that will make our trip and life on board so much nicer out there in the wild blue yonder.  It's been great here at Riviera Dunes Marina for the last year and a half, but we are pulling out tomorrow morning at sunrise.  We'll stop in Marco Island for a day to see family, then head to Everglades for a little fishing, then over to Key Largo to visit some friends for a couple of days.  The goal, depending on a weather window, is to cross over to Bimini, Bahamas middle of June - fingers crossed!


Unknown said...

Have a great time! Looking forward to seeing your posts.

George and Christy said...

Hi Craig!!! So sorry I missed your note. We are having a blast! I am missing all my Choice friends though! Thanks for following and tell everyone I said hi!