Sunday, July 17, 2016

Day 25 - 29, Pipe Cay and Compass Cay

Day 25 -29, Pipe Cay and Compass Cay - after experiencing lots of rollers from the surge at our anchorage at BlackPoint, we searched long and hard to find some peace and calm water.  We did, just outside the entrance to Compass Cay marina on the north end of Pipe Cay.  It's also the first time we put out a stern anchor.  We did that because it was a small area tucked in against rocks on the back side of the island, and sand bars on the other side.  It worked out great and we had a beautiful tide rush in and out everyday.  It was also a central spot to get to lots of things. So, each day we jumped in the dink and went exploring...lots of snorkeling, some boat chores, beautiful wildlife - and Outward Bound!

My Captain, my Love

The artist at work

Finished mermaid on beach leading to Rachael's Bath, Compass Cay - July 4th

The wall we watched the Eagle Ray from - an old British Naval communications station

Spotted Eagle Ray - Unbelievable!  The most majestic and gorgeous animal!  Will post video when we get back to states and free wifi.

Water is just so beautiful - George is swimming out to check the anchor

Those two big dark spots are Baracuda - seen on a dink ride

Getting some exercise and snorkeling at the same time!

In college, I did a three week Outward Bound course in NC - it was so cool to see them here!

Yet another gorgeous sunset!

Rachel's bath - it's a tidal pool area where the water, at high tide, splashes up from the ocean - fun and beautiful.

George and Pamela - they gave us great information and we had fun beaching and snorkeling together

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