Sunday, July 17, 2016

Day 30 - 33, Warderick Wells Cay, Exumas Land and Sea Park

Day 30 - 33, Warderick Wells Cay - great place!  You must take a mooring, which means the park has "permanent anchor balls" that you tie your boat up to - kind of like a hitching post.  They are very secure and it's nice knowing that your anchor isn't going to drag or someone else's is either.  The island had lots of great trails, beaches, snorkeling spots (lots of Go Pro videos will be posted when we get to free wifi - probably back in the states), and such friendly park ranger staff!  The entire park is a "no take zone".  So any shells, critters, rocks, sand - dead or alive - you are to leave alone.  Take only pictures and leave only footprints!

Greeted by a nurse shark arriving in the mooring field

Another gorgeous sunset

Sometimes the sunsets are even more beautiful after she's gone down

Hiking Trail on Warderick

Cool beach and cove on Warderick

For my Tampa family and friends - the name of a trail on Warderick

We've seen lots of rock piles marking trails and where people have been... George decided to leave a mermaid rock pile!

Mapping the trails on the island

Climbing up Boo Boo Hill...a place where cruisers leave something organic behind to commemorate their visit.

Top of Boo Boo - I seem to always be putting on sunscreen and lip protection, but isn't it beautiful behind me!

Whale skeleton on the beach

Andy and Byron, park rangers and wonderful hosts - great cookout for cruisers!

Boo Boo Hill signage

George decorated a coconut to place on Boo Boo Hill - notice Christina Sea on a mooring in the background - too cool!

I haven't tired yet of all the beautiful views

Yes, we actually swam with the nurse shark - videos for that later.  But each night he would come to visit.

I'm getting awfully fond of sharks - at least the nurse shark variety

George and his buddies - Andy and Byron were both former military, so everyone had lots of stories to share!

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