Sunday, July 03, 2016

Staniel Cay, Guana Cay's BlackPoint Settlement - pigs, sharks, iguanas, snorkling

We left Normans Cay and went straight to Staniel Cay, skipping the Land and Sea Park for now and will spend time there on our way back north.  We wanted to meet up with friends from Riviera Dunes back in Palmetto to experience the pigs and snorkeling the Grotto.  Remember the James Bond movie, Thunderball - the cave diving scene was shot there.  So, we did all of that and more!  Chris, Cynthia, and their two young boys were lots of fun and it was so cool to spend time with people you know from the states - it's a small world!

Cruisers beach at Big Majors anchorage - everyone leaves a little something to remember

George drew a mermaid on the cruisers beach.

Beautiful cave at low tide and blow hole at hide tide - the pic doesn't due justice.

Beautiful rock formations

Bitter Guana Cay behind me

I'm up on the flybridge, getting ready to raise the dink and notice this nurse shark following George like a puppy!

Chris, Cynthia, Conner, Carson

Lots of mega yachts - this one had all their toys behind them!

Shake the ziploc bag that you brought your food in and they all come swimming out to your boat!

It's over there!

The little piglet was chasing George, but he didn't know it until he turned around!

They were quite large!

At Staniel Cay Marina - the nurse sharks line up along the steps.

There were sooooo many of them - waiting for fish scraps!

After a couple of days at Staniel, we moved on just 6 miles south to Guana Cay and the Bahamian settlement called BlackPoint.  The population is less than 100 and they are the nicest people!  We stayed four days here in this anchorage - hiking around the island, kayaking, eating meals and enjoying land for a bit.  The winds have been strong 15 - 20 knots always out of the east and southeast which makes for no fun out in the ocean and kinda swelly with rolling waves coming into the cove - so it was nice getting off the boat.  We met some fellow cruisers and invited them on board for a gathering - 10 people all together - lots of fun making new contacts and sharing information - we have so much to learn!

Sunset - first night at BlackPoint - love the whispies!

Stingray at the dock waiting for fish scraps

More beautiful beaches we found!

...and we have Iguanas - bigger than small dogs!

Gorgeous views on our hikes!

We were on one of the highest points of the island

Christina Sea is way back there - out in the anchorage.

Found a rare sea bean here - such cool rock formations

This is a beach on the Atlantic side

Sand on the Atlantic side is not quiet as pretty and the bank side - but still beautiful

We hope to come back here one day - family and friends can stay in these cottages on the island.

We came back from dinner one night and the bi-weekly supply boat was just leaving the dock - our very small dinghy is right in front of it!

I don't know what these trees are, but the orange color is gorgeous!

Garden of Eden - interesting driftwood sculptures from the imagination of an older gentleman, Willie.  He's been making them for years, but his aging health is keeping him inside these days.

Don't know the story here, but very interesting - just popped up out of no where.

The sand at this beach was like powder!

Powdery sand makes for great mermaid scultping, by George

Life is great!

BLT and the Big C (Bonnie, Lynn, Tom and Curtis)

Marise and Dave

Pamela and the "other Captain George" - sorry it was late and didn't realize we can't see the other George

Wonderful time making new friends!


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