Sunday, August 07, 2016

Day 42 - 46, back to the states

Our water maker broke, and in the islands it can cost as much as seventy cents a gallon.  Making water is a convenience we just don't want to live without, plus a couple of other maintenance issues, and Christy needed to go take care of her mom...all signs pointed to cutting our trip short.  But we WILL be back!  All of our crossings to return were calmer except for lots of lightning on the last leg.  In the end, we arrived safe and are enjoying some of the simple pleasures.  Like walking into Publix grocery store and having a twilight zone moment with every fresh food imaginable at our fingertips!  Or walking into the airport and seeing more people in one place, in one moment, then we had seen all together in six weeks!!!  After repairs, we'll spend some time in the Keys with family - then who knows what's next?!?!

more beautiful water behind the boat

George making his last mermaid on Highborn Cay

last shot of our Bahamian flag before putting it away

It was so calm going across the Bahama banks

see the starfish...water so clear...this was about 15 feet deep


double rainbow the morning we left

another sunrise

big cargo ship..notice the storms we're getting ready to go into

fish we caught in the Gulf Stream

safe in the do repairs

Collage - sunrise to a beautiful calm day!

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