Sunday, July 16, 2017

Bears, bears, and more bears...does a bear really poop in the woods?!?!

So what's it really like in Alaska?!?!  There's plenty of wildlife, beautiful mountains, majestic glaciers, lots of resources to enjoy, a lot of daylight (it never really gets dark at night, so no stars), and very fews days of's all true...and all wonderfully exciting!!!

We really enjoy and appreciate the National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges and US Forest Service because these campground areas almost always have a place to dump our "black" tank, refill our water tank, and dispose of trash...all of which were a big concern of ours before we left.  Most of the time, it is free, even if we don't stay in the campground itself.  State parks are great too, but with a nominal charge.  And fuel has also been very easy to find!

So if you're headed to Alaska in an RV, don't worry about that stuff!  Alaska has exceeded all our expectations...and we still have two months to go!

Here's a few wildlife pictures to get started, but there's lots more to come...

We were very fortunate to see this very large mama grizzly (brownie bear here in AK) and her two cubs...amazing!!!

Wow, we can't believe we got this shot.  We've learned that eagles lock talons, spin and turn and fall through the air for numerous reasons.  Sometimes for courtship, other times for fighting and the young ones seem to do it to play or practice!

He's got a fish!

Lots of chipmunks in Alaska

A marmot - he was out on a cliff!

Isn't he handsome with his chest color? 

We've seen three sets of Mama bears with two cubs each.

Is that really me and are those really my feet?!?
Gorgeousness...I love eagles!

Our first bear sighting on the Cassiar Hwy in British Columbia, Canada
We've seen most of these guys at higher elevations...a marmot.
If I hurry, maybe they won't see me...
...darn, they saw me!

They look like prairie dogs from South Dakota, but we found this guy high in the mountains!

Mama moose was too quick to get a pic

Does a bear really poop in the woods...we think not so much, 'cause we see piles everywhere!

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