Friday, September 29, 2017

Alaska, the rest of the story - Whale's Tail on our Kenai Fjords National Park day cruise!

Seward, Alaska - we took the Northwestern Fjords day cruise on a not so great weather day!  In fact, the tour company was offering full refunds for guests that did not want to try the rough seas!

We were with Steve and Lois (George's brother) and six of their friends, so there were ten of us in our group.  We all decided to brave the day and I was so glad we was fantastic!  The boat was only about half full, so we had plenty of room to move about and get pictures of whales, otters, sea lions, eagles, puffins, glaciers and ice bergs!

Here's our cruise boat for the day...
At one point we had the most amazing experience!  Our experienced captain knew this Humpback Whale was going to submerge and show it's flukes and tail!  She guided us, as to where to position our cameras and got us ready to shoot at just the right moment.  We're still learning how to work our cameras, but overall, we're pleasantly surprised with our results.  It was such a COOL and UNFORGETTABLE moment!!!!

Another Humpback Whale - we saw about eight that day!

Aialik Glacier was beautiful.  We saw three cavings (when chunks of the ice fall off) and I believe the captain said the glacier was 30 stories high.  It was such an illusion and magnificent to see mother nature!

Steve and Lois (George's brother)

As always, we love the wildlife...there was plenty, even in rough seas!  This Puffin's belly was too full to take flight!

Seals and Sea Lions enjoying a rest and glimpse of the sun

Otters were so cute - the one on the left had a baby on her tummy

Always an eagle to be found - love them!

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