Sunday, October 15, 2017

Alaska, the rest of the story - Fairbanks - panning for gold and the Arctic Circle!

Arctic Circle, What?!?!  Yup, we took about a 12 hour bus ride, in one day, from Fairbanks to the Arctic Circle.  It really turned out much better than it sounds.  The bus was a comfortable "coach" with televisions that showed several short films about the Alaskan Pipeline and eco system of the Arctic Circle - it also helped that we had a great tour guide!

Our Coach after the tour - almost back to Fairbanks

Alaskan Pipeline

Dalton Highway on the way to Arctic Circle - along the Alaskan Pipeline

Alaskan Pipeline as far as your eye could see - Alaska was so vast!

Another example of the Alaskan tundra and its' vastness

Cute General Store on the way...

We made it with Steve and Lois (George's brother) 

We met quite a character...Yukon Jeremy!

While in Fairbanks, we did some panning for gold!

An old dredge at an old gold mine

Here's our gold we found!

I like to always end with an eagle - this is a Golden Eagle that we saw on the Pipeline

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