Sunday, October 22, 2017

Alaska, the rest of the story - Stariski campsite on the Kenai Peninsula - some of the most beautiful views we saw!

We wanted to check out Homer, AK, but we didn't want all the crowds - we found Stariski campground about 20 miles north.  We enjoyed several campfires with cocktails and coffee on a high bluff overlooking Cook Inlet.  Our view was amazing of Mount Redoubt, Mount Augustine, and Mount Iliamna!

Be careful - we were told these big, pretty, lacey plants can cause serious pain!  The pathway led out to our campfire and picnic table overlooking the bluff - where we took beautiful mountain pictures seen below.

This little bird didn't seem to bothered by the plant...

Looking down the shore from high above in the campground

Another time of day, more views

Wow - so many mountains!

Another campsite view

Such beauty - like many views in Alaska, we felt so small

We drove past Homer and hiked in some meadows overlooking Cook Inlet, but a different set of mountains

The eagle shot this week is a preview for the next post of our Ninilchik encounter when a young eagle learns to take a bath from two older ones (parents?) - Wow!!!

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