Saturday, October 07, 2017

Alaska, the rest of the story - Valdez, glaciers, seals, halibut, beautiful scenery!

In Valdez...a quaint town on the coast, known for it's summer time Halibut fishing...we encountered beautiful scenery, hard working people, and of course wildlife...

Marina, nestled in the mountains.  Apparently, we could keep our boat here because the water never freezes, however, we would need to make sure someone shovels the 25-50 feet of snow that falls every winter - or else we sink!
Very nice local couple who fishes for halibut every weekend in the summer to feed their family during the winter - they had a good catch today!  Each one of these halibut are 200 - 300 pounds!

Lots of charter boats take tourists out fishing - one boat's morning catch!

On the road into Valdez, notice the waterfall to the left.  Waterfalls are everywhere in Alaska, some of them coming all the way down huge mountains - summertime melt from the glaciers.

Another view, somewhere near Thompson's Pass, near Valdez.

On the road leading to the Valdez refinery

...another beautiful waterfall...

Waterfall at the bottom of Worthington Glacier

A chunk of Valdez Glacier - made our cocktails better

Piece of Valdez Glacier

Worthington Glacier

Climbing Worthington Glacier

at the base of Worthington Glacier

Should we climb up there...

Seal in the harbor

You don't honestly think you're going to steal this fish from me do you?

...and another Bald them!

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