Wednesday, April 04, 2018

What's a typical day in the Bahamas?

It's been seven weeks in the Bahamas now!  So what's a typical day like?  Weather, weather, weather...anything we do or don't do depends on the weather.  The days are always beautiful, but the wind has really been blowing (check out our weather forecast picture below!).  If it's too windy to get the dink down, then we do projects and maintenance on the boat in the mornings, read in the afternoons, watch boats come and go, or just enjoy quiet.  Sometimes the quiet in the Bahamas is like Alaska, it's almost deafening.  And the stars at night...oh my gosh...trillions!  If the wind is a little calmer, then we'll put the dink down and go exploring...walking on beaches, snorkeling (although the water has been chilly), finding treasure, and some islands have trails that we can walk and get exercise.

So far, we've explored the northern Abacos - Great Sale, Grand Cay, Allans - Pensacola Cay, Double Breasted Cay, Cave Cay, Cash Cay, Foxtown, Powell Cay, Manjack Cay, Crab Cay and Green Turtle Cay.  We've spend the most time in Green Turtle and just love the town; everyone is so friendly!

Next week we hope to cross the "Whale" passage and into the southern part of the Abacos...depending on the weather of course.

Reading spot on the back deck...LOVE the water colors here!

Green Turtle, Gilliam Bay - follow the signs.

Powell Cay - the sand here was like powder.

Powell Cay - several very big star fish.

Terns - watched them in the mornings

Stingray - from the bow of the deck - water so clear we could see the chain and the wildlife on the sea floor.

Conch shell pile near Double Breasted Cay - these are often found as Conch is a food staple here.

Not a conch, but a tiny hermit crab found on Allans - Pensacola Cay

Weather system moving in while the sun was setting at Double Breasted Cay

...another sunset with a different perspective...

...and another perspective with George's guitar...

...she just burns into the water...

This was a sunrise, but it was the colors of the sky reflecting on such calm waters that made it special!

Beach treasure art!  We find it, George paints it and we hang it up on the beach with others who leave their boat names as well.

This is an app call "Sail Flow" that we live by every day, multiple times a day!

Anchor caught on some coral bringing it up one morning!  It is supposed to be laying flat and definitely not separated!

Thank you Ted for all your help getting our new anchor shank to us!

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