Monday, May 28, 2007

interior pictures...

...master head (bathroom)

...master desk area

...Alina's head (bathroom)

...dinette down below

...from the galley (kitchen) looking into the engine room and part of dinette

...part of the galley (kitchen)

...the other part of the galley

...master vanity area

...view from the flybridge up top

...saloon (living area)

...navigation desk in the saloon

...another shot of the saloon (still missing cushions)

...stairs leading from the saloon to the dinette and galley down below


Christina Sea went in the water at 6pm on Monday, May 7th! Mirage continued to work on her the rest of that week. The three of us spent the Saturday night on her and had a great evening (with the exception of slight headaches from the chemical fumes still lingering around). But we really wanted to spend one night on her before George went in the hospital on Tuesday.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

More pics....

Countertops, more furniture, faucets, all the wires at the helm....

When I go to visit Mirage, I often have to do a double take to make sure it is really George I see! Denny and Terry are part of the Mirage team! They are standing in front of our boat.


Finally, seeing the progress brought me to tears. We are just so relieved to see things are happening and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! The galley furniture is going in, you can see the washer. Eric (the sales guy) and Alina are standing in the saloon with the beautiful sapelli wood walls. You can also see the hallway with the dryer and the teak and holley floors. Lastly, a sneak peak at what the name will look like....

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sorry it's been a while....

but unfortunately, not much has been happening....other than of course, we have been living in a 25 foot Airstream trailer at Whitey's Campground. Whitey's is a great place on the water to have a beer and listen to some live music, but not a great place to live! Fortunately, though, and we do feel VERY fortunate, Connie and Steve have invited us into their beautiful home. We made it 6 weeks at the campground and it was definitely an experience.

Anyway, the boat is moving along. Mirage is doing their best, but it is just frustrating for us, having to bounce around in our living arrangements. Their focus early in the year was to get the first N47 launched in time for the Miami Boat Show. They made it and the boat, Gale Force, is beautiful. Tom and Gail are currently cruising in the Keys and having a fabulous time. They love their new boat and tell us it is worth the wait. So, we will continue to wait...and wait....and wait...and wait!!! If anyone tells you it is less than 2 years to build a boat from contract signing until delivery, don't believe them. The new delivery date is mid April. Keep your fingers crossed!
Anyway, the pictures show the v-groove (the white walls) being finished, more rigging (wiring, which takes the longest), the yellow color of the canvas and cushions on the flybridge and Alina and Steve on their back porch!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

We have walls...

Guess what, we have walls! George was in Gainesville today and took some pics.

Mirage staff are feverishly working on hull #1, belonging to our new found great friends Tom and Gale. Everyone is working hard to get their boat, "Gale Force", into the water and down to the Miami Boat Show in mid February. Once they are in the water, we are hoping the staff will focus on "Christina Sea". We have been patiently waiting for 18 months, what is a couple more, right?!? The only problem is that we are living in an Airstream trailer that is smaller than the boat. But it is all worth the wait and just part of the adventure.

We'll be at the Miami Boat Show, trying to keep our sticky fingers out of our pocket book!