Saturday, May 20, 2017

3 weeks - the good, the bad, and the ugly!

We hit the road three weeks ago, but sometimes it feels like three months ago!

The Good (great actually) - we have visited family and friends up the east coast in FL, NC, and VA!

The Bad (not so bad really) - a check engine light caused some angst and we decided to find a dealer to get it fixed.  That took some research, planning, and an extra day in WV - but the drive through the beautiful mountain roads was fun! Astorg Mercedes dealership was fantastic - squeezing us in the next day and having us out the door in about three hours!  Turned out to be a chaffed wire causing communication errors.

The Ugly (yes, I do mean ugly) - Managing the systems, especially the "dumping" has been challenging.  Water conservation is a must and we'll have to get much better at it before we get to Alaska.  A long, hot, spacious shower is sorely missed.  And it's been an adjustment living in such a very small space - the Christina Sea is a mansion compared to the MerVan!

Official send off from Christy's Dad in Tampa

dear friends Connie and Steve 

Christy's Mom - forgot to get a selfie with us, sorry Mom
Sara and Gabe - basketball tourney!
Boat club meeting - great friends!
Mothers Day - Brandy and Stephanie - missed Stephen

Ron and Lea, fellow grandparents

Josh, Keeli, Brant and Jolee - thanks for having us and letting us park in front of your beautiful new home!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Introducing...the MerVan...headed to Alaska

Yes, call us crazy, we're driving to Alaska!  Christina Sea's little brother; we're calling this adventure a diversion or a break from the boating life and we're excited to see America!  Christina Sea is being very well taken care of by dear we're hittin' the road...stay tuned.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Christina Sea ~ Manatees & Dolphins

We will miss the Christina Sea and certainly miss our manatees and dolphins!  Getting ready to start a new adventure...which I'll post about soon.

Friday, March 17, 2017

It's been a while...

Our last post in November, we were taking care of our girl, Christina Sea...she needed an insurance survey, a nice buffing wax, and a few other little things.  While the dock at our marina was being repaired after the hurricane, we spent some time in Manatee Cove Marina at Patrick Air Force Base - having a blast and making some great new friends!  EVERYONE was so nice and were very accommodating to our ever changing plan over the holidays.  We were hoping to get across to the Abacos, Bahamas...but life happens.  Fortunately, some very dear friends invited us to spend the winter in the Keys behind their house.

We were excited and started making plans to head south!  Arriving in early December, we explored the land and did some great diving.  Alina came to visit at Christmas time and although it was interrupted with tragedy, we still enjoyed her making the trip.  Here's a link to her video she posted on YouTube:  Alina's video

On Christmas morning, Christy's Dad's partner and husband of over 30 years, Tim, passed away. From our anchorage, we had about a three hour cruise back to the slip - then we jumped in the car and drove to Tampa to be with her Dad.  Over the next two months we went back and forth between Key Largo and Tampa about every other week, helping him grieve.  He's better, but is still adjusting, as you might expect.

Our visits to assist him are getting fewer - but again, as what happened in March of 2016, when we were able to help Christy's Mom with the loss of her husband - George and I were, and continue to be happy to help with her Dad's loss.  Please, please, please, friends and family...make sure your affairs are in order - it is the greatest gift you can give your family!

Our slip at Cocoa Village Marina is repaired and we moved Christina Sea back March 10, 2017. We'll be here for a while until we figure out what's next...???

Tim and Kris - Tim's sense of humor, spirit, and love is sorely missed.

Christy and her Dad - sunrise in Key Largo
Everywhere in the Keys...lobster trap Christmas trees!

Very dear friends, more like family - Wendy and Terry with Alina

Islamorada Bluegrass festival - Sean is a great guy (in the middle)...he came over to the boat, gave George some lessons - really cool spirit!

Sunrise on one side of the Keys...
Sunset on the other side!

Islamorada - wow - would love to have her on the boat!
Beautiful octopus bar!

Of course, diving Molasses Reef - always great!

Monday, November 07, 2016

Christina Sea ~ suspended in air!

It's always nerve racking when your beloved water home is suspended in air on the ground. A very professional man is controlling the lift with that box on his shoulder...always amazes me! Ten year insurance survey, buff and wax; she's so pretty!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Christina Sea ~ Snorkeling Diving 2016 in Exumas, Bahamas and Florida Keys

We know it's been a long time coming, but finally, after many hours of self taught GoPro Studio and YouTube, we have a video of our underwater adventures from this summer!  We hope you will enjoy the peaceful, almost meditative, nature and take some time to relax.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Keys and back home to Cocoa Beach

Soooo...after replacing the water maker and fixing the davit, we headed down to the Keys.  We did some diving and especially liked the Key Largo area, but Looe Key was pretty cool too - oh, and at Coffin, we got up close and personal with a turtle.  We caught lots of lobster and had a fabulous dinner one night.  Daughters and grandchildren came to visit on several occasions and we all had a blast!  We met our besties in their sail boat and spent the weekend anchored off Elliott Key.  Then, to run from the storm, that never really happened earlier in the summer, we pulled in to Boca Chica Marina (Naval Air Station military base) and made some wonderful new friends.  We partied too much in Key West and even got a temporary tatoo - what fun!  In the video, you'll see lots of fish, beautiful people and fabulous sunsets!