Saturday, May 20, 2017

3 weeks - the good, the bad, and the ugly!

We hit the road three weeks ago, but sometimes it feels like three months ago!

The Good (great actually) - we have visited family and friends up the east coast in FL, NC, and VA!

The Bad (not so bad really) - a check engine light caused some angst and we decided to find a dealer to get it fixed.  That took some research, planning, and an extra day in WV - but the drive through the beautiful mountain roads was fun! Astorg Mercedes dealership was fantastic - squeezing us in the next day and having us out the door in about three hours!  Turned out to be a chaffed wire causing communication errors.

The Ugly (yes, I do mean ugly) - Managing the systems, especially the "dumping" has been challenging.  Water conservation is a must and we'll have to get much better at it before we get to Alaska.  A long, hot, spacious shower is sorely missed.  And it's been an adjustment living in such a very small space - the Christina Sea is a mansion compared to the MerVan!

Official send off from Christy's Dad in Tampa

dear friends Connie and Steve 

Christy's Mom - forgot to get a selfie with us, sorry Mom
Sara and Gabe - basketball tourney!
Boat club meeting - great friends!
Mothers Day - Brandy and Stephanie - missed Stephen

Ron and Lea, fellow grandparents

Josh, Keeli, Brant and Jolee - thanks for having us and letting us park in front of your beautiful new home!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Introducing...the MerVan...headed to Alaska

Yes, call us crazy, we're driving to Alaska!  Christina Sea's little brother; we're calling this adventure a diversion or a break from the boating life and we're excited to see America!  Christina Sea is being very well taken care of by dear we're hittin' the road...stay tuned.