Monday, May 28, 2007

interior pictures...

...master head (bathroom)

...master desk area

...Alina's head (bathroom)

...dinette down below

...from the galley (kitchen) looking into the engine room and part of dinette

...part of the galley (kitchen)

...the other part of the galley

...master vanity area

...view from the flybridge up top

...saloon (living area)

...navigation desk in the saloon

...another shot of the saloon (still missing cushions)

...stairs leading from the saloon to the dinette and galley down below


Christina Sea went in the water at 6pm on Monday, May 7th! Mirage continued to work on her the rest of that week. The three of us spent the Saturday night on her and had a great evening (with the exception of slight headaches from the chemical fumes still lingering around). But we really wanted to spend one night on her before George went in the hospital on Tuesday.