Friday, May 23, 2008

What can we say?!?!?!?

We have had a long, but short year getting settled in to our new home. The Christina Sea is decorated, tweeked, repaired, and feels like home. There is a lot to maintaining a boat, but especially a new one. So many things to get used to and fix; I guess because it is a combination of moving parts...always moving. It has definitely been challenging and at times we have almost given up. But you know what, our dear friends Connie and Steve always say, there is a reason for everything. We're NOT giving up our DREAM! So, we are leaving Green Cove Springs on Saturday, headed for the West Coast of Florida and we don't know when we are coming back!

Alina has had a great year! She came home from school one day last fall and said she wanted to be a foreign exchange student, that someone from the Rotary had made a presentation to her class. We said, okay, yeah, whatever! Well, several months later now, an intensive application and interview process, and lots of tutoring, Alina is leaving for Phuket (Pookette) Thailand for 12 months! She is soooo excited and we are soooo excited for her. We will definitely miss her, but are very proud of her. She leaves the first of August and has already met so many interesting people and has had a great experience. We can only imagine how much fun she will have.

George has finally gotten his flight medical back and is flying again! Short story here is that the more he travels, the more money we make, and the earlier he gets to retire. The goal is 59.5 years old, which is about 5 years from now.

Christy sought after and accepted a new position within her company and is now a home based consultant. So as long as there is a high speed internet and land line phone connection, she can work from the boat in any marina.

Now, you understand why we are headed for parts unknown, what we call the West Coast; not California, Florida. Places like the Keys, Marco Island (which is where we are headed first), Ten Thousand Islands, Longboat Key, Ft. Myers, Sarasota, Pelican Key, and on into the St. Pete/Tampa area. Maybe by winter, we will move into the Panhandle...who knows!?!?!?

So here are some pics of what the inside looks like now and shots from our many fun weekends on the St. Johns River over the last year.

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