Saturday, May 20, 2017

3 weeks - the good, the bad, and the ugly!

We hit the road three weeks ago, but sometimes it feels like three months ago!

The Good (great actually) - we have visited family and friends up the east coast in FL, NC, and VA!

The Bad (not so bad really) - a check engine light caused some angst and we decided to find a dealer to get it fixed.  That took some research, planning, and an extra day in WV - but the drive through the beautiful mountain roads was fun! Astorg Mercedes dealership was fantastic - squeezing us in the next day and having us out the door in about three hours!  Turned out to be a chaffed wire causing communication errors.

The Ugly (yes, I do mean ugly) - Managing the systems, especially the "dumping" has been challenging.  Water conservation is a must and we'll have to get much better at it before we get to Alaska.  A long, hot, spacious shower is sorely missed.  And it's been an adjustment living in such a very small space - the Christina Sea is a mansion compared to the MerVan!

Official send off from Christy's Dad in Tampa

dear friends Connie and Steve 

Christy's Mom - forgot to get a selfie with us, sorry Mom
Sara and Gabe - basketball tourney!
Boat club meeting - great friends!
Mothers Day - Brandy and Stephanie - missed Stephen

Ron and Lea, fellow grandparents

Josh, Keeli, Brant and Jolee - thanks for having us and letting us park in front of your beautiful new home!

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