Sunday, June 26, 2016

Normans Cay and "the weeble wobble crossing"!

We didn't really think about the other two "crossings" we had to make to get to the Exumas, but we should have!  Besides crossing the Gulf Stream from the states - about 77 miles, we then had to cross the Great Bahama Bank to get over to the Berry Islands - another 74 miles!  But wait, then we had to cross over to the Exuma Island chain, passing through Nassau - the final 78 miles!  Getting to Nassau via the NE Providence Channel was, by far, the most challenging.  Our life is governed by the weather, we had been watching it and hoping for a window to go across.  The seas were supposed to subside from 3-5 feet, down to 2-3 feet on Wednesday.  Well, not so much - they were more like 4 -6 feet with some 8'ers thrown in for fun - NOT!!!  Remember the weeble wobble toys, they wobbled, but never fell down?  Or you could think of a washing machine - either scenario - that was us.  It was a nail biting, prayer saying, very stressful and uncomfortable ride for 5 hours!  It's curious, dolphins are said to bring good luck.  As we were leaving the channel to start this crossing, the only dolphin we've seen since we arrived in the Bahamas followed us out the inlet. We're glad he did, because we arrived safely!

Needless to say, we needed a rest.  So, we spent 3 full days at Normans Cay, lounging on the rafts behind the boat, dinking around exploring, snorkeling, trying to fish, and just having fun!  The weather has finally calmed and is more like what we expected to find, a nice breeze and beautiful calm "gin clear" water!

This guy was a character - he was a courier delivering goods to homes and boats - he passed our anchorage several times and always had something to say as he motored by!

Too fun - love the beautiful water

Notice the RTIC (thanks to Scott and Debbie), red ball with line holding me on to the Christina Sea - just chillin'!

Found this little open air stone cottage in a beautiful cove

The resort is called MacDuff's - good burger, rum drink, and of course Kalik - it was expensive, but really no more so than Vegas, NYC, or some other fancy resort.  

Our dink is our car - I love this pic!

Normans Cay Sunset

Today, we move on to Staniel Cay area - not sure how good the internet will be, so we may not be able to post for a week or so.

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